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Founded in 1950, the Central Hospital of Zibo is the largest comprehensive hospital in the city, it also is the subsidiary hospital of Binzhou Medical College, the hospital functions as the city's health care, teaching, research, preventive health care and rehabilitation center. Hospital covers the area of ​​120 acres and the building area of ​​170,000 square meters. Currently the hospital has 2000 beds, 3036 employees, including 345 senior professionals, 42 specialists with doctor’s degree and 585 specialists having master's degree. In the year 2014,1.25 million patients had received medical consultation, 60,000 people were discharged from the hospital. Hospital has 42 clinical departments, 19 medical technical departments, including 5 key clinical departments, 4 key departments at the provincial level and 12 key municipal departments. There are 3.0T NMR, 640 row spiral CT and other first-class equipment with the total cost of 710,000,000 yuan. We are planning to start the construction of West Campus of Zibo Central Hospital that will cover the area of ​​305 acres and we will provide 2000 beds. When the construction is finished, the bed-number of our hospital totally will reach 4000. By that time the hospital will have better medical environment, higher service level and become an international and modern hospital.
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Address: No. 54, Zhangdian District, District, Zibo District, Shandong District, West